Add Requirements


To add Requirements for a Project in QA Touch, follow these steps:

  1. Login to QA Touch
  2. On the left panel, Click on Project List
  3. Click on the project you want to add requirements
  4. From the project submenu , click on the Requirements option
  5. Click on Add Requirement Type.
  6. Fill in the Requirement type and click Save.
  7. Click on the Add button in Requirement Type Menu to add a requirement(s).
  8. Fill in the Requirement Such as: -Title -Description -Files (if any) -then click Save.
  9. The requirement has now been created under the selected project.


Import Requirements in Bulk

In the Requirements page,

  1. Click on the Import button in the right

  2. Download sample Requirements in .csv format

  3. In the .csv file, fill in the -Requirement Type -Requirement Title -Description -save it.

  4. Upload the file in QA Touch.

  5. Now You can also import the Requirement Types with hierarchies from the import file. Simply use greater-than symbol (>) in the first column as a separator.

    Example : Requirement Type > Sub-Requirement Type 1 > Sub-Requirement Type 2

All the requirements in the .csv file will appear in your QA Touch Requirements page.


Link Test Cases to Requirements

  1. Click on the Link Case Icon beside a Requirement
  2. Select the Test Case Module
  3. Select Test Cases
  4. Click Save


The selected test case will now be linked with the requirement for which it’s added to.

View and Export Requirements Traceability Matrix

When the Requirements and Test Cases are linked, the Requirements Traceability Matrix is automatically built for you.
To view the Requirements Traceability Matrix, Click on Traceability Matrix option in RTM & Matrix dropdown in the top right side of the Requirements page.


The Requirements Traceability matrix will display the Requirements and the corresponding Test Cases mapped to it.

To Export the Requirements Traceability Matrix,

  1. Click on Export option in RTM & Matrix dropdown

  2. You can download the matrix in any one of -.xls -.xlsx -.csv formats

Export button(above image) will only export Requirements and Test Cases that are linked to each other. In order to export all Requirements and Test Cases irrespective of linking,

  1. Click on All Export button
  2. You can download the matrix in any one of -.xls -.xlsx -.csv formats

Export Requirements

To export Project Requirements,

  1. Click on the Export button in the right end of the requirements page
  2. You can export in any one of the -.xls -.xlsx -.csv formats


You can either all requirements or a specific requirement type.

Click on the right of Traceability matrix and select either -Export -Export All

If you select Export, it will only export the selected Requirement Type.
If you select Export All, it will export all the Requirements in the project.

The exported Requirements file will contain:

  1. Requirement Id
  2. Document Title (Requirement Type)
  3. Title (Requirement title)
  4. Description (Requirement Description)
  5. No of linked Test Cases Created Date
  6. Updated Date

Clone Requirement

Clone Requirement helps to copy a single requirement in a faster way.

  1. Login to QA Touch.
  2. Click Project - Requirements.
  3. Click the Clone icon near the Requirement which you wanted to clone. image
  4. The Requirement is cloned

Copy Requirement

QA Touch helps to copy multiple requirements at a time.

  1. Login to QA Touch.
  2. Click Project - Requirements.
  3. Click Copy Requirements. image
  4. Select the Requirements you want to copy and click Save.
  5. The selected Requirements are copied.