Pytest Plugin

Pytest plugin for uploading test results to your QA Touch Testrun.


It only will upload the test results to the specified testrun in your Qa Touch portal


You can install "pytest-qatouch" via pip from PyPI::

 pip install pytest-qatouch


 from pytest_qatouch import qatouch

def test_for_testcase_number0010():
    assert True

def test_for_testcase_number0009():
    assert False

And If you want to use it with a parameterized tests , you can do as the example below.

import pytest
from pytest_qatouch import qatouch

        (9, 8),
        pytest.param(8, 10, marks=qatouch.TR(2)),
        pytest.param(0, 10, marks=qatouch.TR(10)),
        pytest.param(1, 4, marks=qatouch.TR(9)),
def test_sum_greater_than10(num1, num2):
    assert num1+num2 >= 10


You can use a config file or pass it to pytest as command line options.

Config file

pytest.ini or setup.cfg pytest configuration

qatouch (string):                        Enable the qatouch plugin (Set it to 'True' to enable it)
qatouch-subdomain (string):              Your qatouch submodule name (i.e <your_subdomain>
qatouch-api-token (string):              Your qatouch API token
qatouch-project-key (string):            The qatouch project key
qatouch-testrun-key (string):            The testrun key in qatouch project

Command line options

--qatouch                        Enable the qatouch plugin (Set it to 'True' to enable it)
--qatouch-subdomain              Your qatouch submodule name (i.e <your_subdomain>
--qatouch-api-token              Your qatouch API token
--qatouch-project-key            The qatouch project key
--qatouch-testrun-key            The testrun key in qatouch project

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