BDD Resuable Script

What is BDD?

BDD stands for Behaviour Driven Development
BDD is an agile software development approach by which we can enhance our current project methodology by collaborating with both technical and business people in a team

What is the use of BDD Reusable?

BDD is mainly useful for the non technical person or client side team By Using BDD one can easily understand the process we are going through in a project BDD uses "Gherkin" Language by which one can understand easily using keywords - Given,When,And,Then,But. In such case, if we prepare the BDD steps in advance for the project we are working for, then it can be reused on any scenario or testcase which suits the bdd steps For this purpose we are use a feature called - Reusable BDD

How to Create BDD Reusable

  1. Click on the Project in which you need reusable BDD
  2. CLick Testcases
  3. Then, CLick add - Reusable BDD Script
  4. Reusable BDD script window appears
  5. Click on Add script
  6. Enter a name for the reusable script
  7. Any BDD requires Feature field- so give a name appropriately in feature field
  8. Then click on (+) icon
  9. In the dropdown you can select any keywords which you need (In general any BDD script starts with "Given" apart from Feature and Background)
  10. Save after completing