Registration link for QA Touch : https://register.qatouch.com/


1. Enter Full Name in name field. For Instance: Greg Thomas

2. Enter the valid Email address . For instance johndoe@domain.com

3. Enter a Password of your choice in the Password field

NOTE: The Password you enter should match the criteria provided

Criteria: 1. Atleast one Alphabet
2. Atleast One Uppercase Alphabet
3. Atleast One number
4. Atleast One Special Character
5. Atleast 8 Characters long
For Instance : Thomas@123

4. Enter company name

5. When you enter the company name you can see that it predicts also the domain name but you can also change domain as your wish

6. After filling all the fields click on Create free Account Button to finish the registration.

7. When you click Create free account , you will be redirected to the success page

8. Please check your email inbox which you have used for the registration earlier.


NOTE: In case , If you did not receive activation email, click on the "Resend" button provided in the success page

image image

9.When you open the email you can see a Activate button in it and click on the button to "Activate" your account with QA Touch.


10. You will be indicated with a success message for your successful activation.

11. After 10 minutes as mentioned you can click on your domain (https://(domainname).qatouch.com/login) provided

image image

12. Please click on the domain link and you will be redirected to the login page:


13. Enter registered login credentials and click on Log In button, redirected welcome page.


Welcome page, Click “Guide me through the process” to leverage the tutorial to speed up your experience with QA Touch